Happy Monday!

We had a pretty calm weekend over here today. Scott worked on Saturday, so the girls and I just hung out around the house. They played games, and I went into our bedroom to clean and move our dressers around. I hung up a shelf for most of my oils (they don’t all fit). It’s really fun to see the rainbow of color on the wall. Our bedroom is mostly all earthy tones. It’s so relaxing and I love it.



Just so you can see the fruit of my labor:

Yes, we have mistletoe hanging from the fan above our feet. HA! It makes us laugh.

Sunday, Scott did the preaching at church and taught Sunday School for our youth pastor. There have been family emergencies and flu bugs going around with MANY people in our church family. Once we got home and ate lunch, I started diffusing thieves in all of the rooms. Immune support is incredibly needed right now.ย  Then, we all planted ourselves on the couch and stayed there all day- reading, watching movies, and just being together.


I’m so very thankful for this family of mine.




Eclectic Amazon Nursery

Eclectic Amazon Nursery// crib // swaddles // woven basket // rug // Macrame Wall Hanging // ruffle crib skirt // lamb mobile // star mobile // Merino wool blanket //

I love Amazon. That is no secret. When I was putting together Addison and Harper’s nurseries, I was ALWAYS shopping on Amazon. Free two-day shipping and low prices are my love language. I still love looking at baby stuff, even though I am now beyond the baby years. I thought it would be fun to put together different nursery ideas with all amazon products.









All amazon links are affiliate links. Your price does not change one cent. Should you purchase an item, a portion of your purchase will go to me. Thank you for supporting me!

10 Books I’ll Read in 2018

10 Books in 2018



1. The Magnolia Storyย  (I am currently reading this. It’s incredible and I already feel SO inspired.)

2. Movers, Shakers, Mommies, and Makers

3. No More Faking Fine

4. Longing for Paris

5/6/7 The Hunger Games series

8. Love the Home You Have

9. Uninvited

10. Present Over Perfect


There’s quite a variety in genre of the books on my list. I like a lot of things; personal development is usually my favorite. I have neglected to make the time to read, which is a shame because I LOVE to read. Ten book is quite the feat for me to achieve. If I can tackle this list early, I have a few others that I’d like to read, so I’ll add them below.

11. The Year of Living Danishly

12. The Magic of Motherhood

13. Chasing Slow

14. Girl Wash Your Face

15. A Simplified Life



I am also wanting to know if any of you have the She Reads Truth Bible. What do you think of it, if so? I am wanting a good study Bible for myself. I have a homeschool moms Bible, but I am more than a homeschool mom, right? I’ll happily accept any suggestions.



Weekend in Pictures (and words)

Scott and I finally had a date night on Friday. We haven’t been on a real date since we moved here. Well, we got to go out to eat once after visiting Scott’s dad in the hospital. It was right when all of the hard decisions were being made, so it didn’t feel date-like. This was a night all about us and enjoying our marriage. It was the perfect first Friday of a new year.

We don’t go on dates very often, obviously. So, we try to save enough to go somewhere nice. We went to a local place called The Beach House. It’s right on the lake. We stopped to see the new 9/11 memorial that was installed this summer. It was beautiful and the sun was just setting. I really love this man and am so thankful to have him by my side.


Saturday morning, I went to a paint party with the women in our church. There were a lot of laughs, some frustration with making a jar look like a JAR, and lots of fun. I don’t feel like the painting is too terrible since I would not call myself an artist. The original said “Just Breathe”. I did “be still” instead. It is what I always remind myself when life feels chaotic. (Go read Psalm 46!) “Be Still, and know that I am God.”


That evening, Scott went out to the garage to organize some, and I got to do this..


Snuggles are my favorite.

Sunday, the weather was supposed to get nasty, so evening service was cancelled to keep everyone safe. In true Ashley form, I decided that I could not wait to paint our ugly Khaki colored wall anymore. I don’t think I have a before picture because I’ve always tried to hide that particular wall upstairs. (You can see the color in the first picture at the top) If you are a fan of khaki, then please don’t be offended. It’s just not my taste. At night, the wall looked like a pretty sage green. During the day, I couldn’t stand it. So, I pulled out some of the leftover paint from our bedroom and went to work. Scott did the highest parts for me, which ended up being a lot easier than we expected.


It is so much brighter now (even though it was cloudy and dark inside), and I am really glad I bit the bullet and did it. God bless my husband for not wanting to strangle me for my impulsiveness. I would love to paint the whole room this color eventually. The vaulted ceiling over a stair case will keep me from doing it ever. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Did you do anything special this weekend?


Project Mode


The new year always brings a big kick in the pants for me. I get a fire lit underneath me and I want to go, go, go and do all of the things. I hope the fire doesn’t burn out quickly.

Yesterday, we had a water main break in town and have been under a boil order since. I spent most of the day running up and down stairs. I was boiling water in the kitchen and staying nearby so that Harper didn’t hurt herself. I would run downstairs to get the big girls started on a new task. I wanted to make sure we had plenty to drink and cook with in case they had to shut the water off for a while. I like being prepared. HA!

It felt like a blow to have been doing so well with my productivity and then have it sidelined to boil water. I am super thankful because Scott surprised me and bought the planner for me that I have been wanting! It is supposed to come today, so I’ll be stalking the delivery man (or woman?) until it comes. Hopefully it helps me to get organized and sort out my thoughts. My mind has been going a million miles a minute.

One of my projects has been cleaning up who I follow on Instagram. I want to follow people who inspire me and uplift me. If I see their pictures and feel myself falling into the comparison trap or just plain drained, I need to click that unfollow button. So far, it’s going pretty well. I like seeing my feed full of inspiration! If only Instagram would get rid of all of the junk that I don’t want to see.

I also spent a day cleaning up the storage in our homeschool room. I threw out dried up glue sticks, worthless crayons, and scraps of paper that can’t be re purposed. I sorted the colored pencils, markers, scissors, and other random odds and ends

We rearranged our living/dining room (more than once) and have found an arrangement that we love. If you follow me on Snapchat, then you saw me drawing a floor plan and putting my interior design courses to good use.

We’ve got setting up a new budget on our to-do list, cleaning the garage, laundry always, and putting the last of our Christmas decorations away. The decorations are on a pile in our downstairs bathroom. Woops.

It feels so good to check things off of my to-do list. It especially feels good that “drink coffee” is not getting crossed off because I’ve filled it with things that are productive and useful. (Does anyone else write ridiculous tasks down just for the satisfaction of crossing them off?) Coffee is useful, but not what I’m looking for in this area.

This weekend, we are checking DATE NIGHT off of our to-do list. YES!!!

What plans do you have this weekend?



Our Homeschool Room

Hey, hey! Happy Thursday!

I wanted to give a ROUGH tour of our homeschool room. We have a small basement in our house, and we have turned it into our school space/computer room. I will link all of the sources that I can find at the end of this post. Please, please forgive the terrible photo quality.

I love searching pinterest and looking at homeschooling rooms. Most of them are extravagant and over-the-top amazing. I joined a “real life homeschool spaces” group on facebook to get some real-life inspiration. It is obviously their real life, but the vast majority of us won’t be able to have spaces like that. I am SO thankful to have a space like this. We’ve always squeezed desks in where we could and made it work. This is the first time we’ve had a ROOM.


homeschool room

Like I said, it is in our basement. It is pretty dark down there, and whoever picked the light fixture had..unique.. taste. These pictures are rough.. I’ve tried editing them so that you can get a real life idea, but the pictures are still not super pretty to look at. I’m very sorry for that. haha!

homeschool storage

We bought this cabinet from IKEA when we moved to Oklahoma. We were moving into an apartment with the tiniest kitchen that had 5 cabinets.. this was our pantry while we lived there. It has since become home to most of our school and craft supplies. Honestly, it is worth EVERY PENNY.ย  The small drawers next to the cabinet hold coloring books, connectors (what my kids call them) and gears. I’ll even show you the inside of the cabinet, because I love you all and trust that you won’t judge my life.

inside cabinet

I keep all of the girls’ workbooks on the top shelf. There are also various workbooks for preschool-second grade for extra work or entertainment. The little drawer holds bulletin board supplies and small things that need to lay flat. The next shelves down have flash cards, and different supplies that most teachers keep in or around their desk. The green basket holds our math cubes, play money, and other hands-on learning supplies. I also have this book on the shelf! (It’s SO GOOD!) The other shelves all have craft supplies and things to keep Harper entertained while she is downstairs with us.

The girls each have their own desk. Chloe’s is really nice. Addi’s is pretty crummy, to be honest. I loved the white, but it is unbalanced. The drawer is also tiny and really hard to open. Definitely a dud. We wanted to get desks that would last through the years. I got them really nice crayon boxes that would last us a long time. They are too big to fit in their drawers, so they always sit on top. We just got these desk lamps to help with the lighting situation. They are less than $6 and SUCH great quality. I am shocked, honestly. I kind of want to get another for my desk.

desk lamp

homeschool alphabet

Chloe is learning cursive now. Addi is currently learning manuscript, but I will start teaching her cursive next year. The other corner of the room is where Scott and I’s desk is. We have these two big chairs downstairs because when we do watch TV shows, we watch them on the computer.

homeschool my desk.jpg

A lot of my storage bins, maybe even all of them, are from Target’s dollar spot. This is the time of year to go check it out because they usually have more goodies for the classroom. The chairs for all of our desks are from the side of the road with a FREE sign on them. Our pencil sharpener is one that I got to do a review of. I still love it, if you were wondering!

I hope that your eyes have survived the monstrosity of these photos. I think it gives a good enough idea. It’s a fun and functional space and it works really well for us. We are able to leave school downstairs and focus on family and fun upstairs.



Curriculum // Ikea Cabinet // 6 drawer storage (similar) // gears (this was given to me by a teacher friend!) // similar gears // ย  marker board // desk lamps // hopscotch rug // Chloe’s desk (similar) // Addi’s desk // my desk // printer // pencil sharpener (c/o) // activity cube // crayon boxes // calendar // 1-100 poster // laminator (c/o)// puzzle shelf // play table


I have now been homeschooling for 4 years.. what?! So, we have collected a little bit at a time, which makes the cost much more doable. PLUS, I do Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards, which also helps a ton.ย  All of the links are Amazon affiliate links also. It does not change your cost at all. However, should you decide to purchase anything, a small portion would go to me.

If there is anything that you’d like to know about, just leave me a comment below and I’ll answer the best that I can. I have a whole homeschool wishlist on Amazon that I keep adding to. There’s lots of fun educational tools and games on there, which I thoroughly enjoy looking at.


Planner Talk


Does anyone else love getting a new calendar? I love planning and organizing. The thrill of buying a new day planner… I can’t even find the words. Last year, I purchased this planner that goes through the end of the year. I am kicking myself, because I’m really not a fan of it. It is 100% possible that I am just too high maintenance in this area. I’m very picky about my planners..

I really want this one or this one. I purchased one from Target a few years ago, and I really loved it. I didn’t need the hourly planning as much when the girls were toddlers, so I didn’t want to spend the money on it again. WHY? Why, Ashley? Hourly planning is so necessary at this point. To plan our homeschool day by the hour would be fantastic and alleviate a lot of stress for me. I know it seems silly to spend money on a planner, but it truly helps me stress much less, and sleep better. To me, it is worth spending some money in exchange for the benefits.

I’ve thought about bullet journaling.. a lot… but I already feel a bit like I’m drowning in all that I have on my plate. I’m afraid it would not go well for me right now. I would have ugly pages and wasted markers. haha! I am a pen and paper kind of girl, so using my phone is not at all an option. (See, highย  maintenance.) I’d really like something that has a hard cover so that I can put it in my bag without getting bent out of shape.

I guess the point of this nonsensical post is to ask- what is your favorite planner? Give me all of your recommendations, pretty please!